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When you are wearing a summer outfit, it is important that you consider the colors you choose and how they will make you feel. Choosing the right color can also help to keep you cool and comfortable under the hot summer weather.  When the temperature begins to rise, there are a variety of colors that people typically wear. Pastel and bright colors are normally worn during this time because they are more noticeable and comfortable when you’re going outside. 

Here are five colors that are perfect to wear during hot summer weather.

Yellow Shade for Summer


Shades of Yellow

Yellow is a great color to wear in the summer. They are subtle yet very pleasing to the eyes. It is the color of the sun and the most delightful color out there. The color never goes out of style during summer year after year. It’s an ultimate mood booster simply by putting it on a yellow outfit, and a guarantee to catch the attention of those around you.

This comfortable relaxed striped top is perfect for everyday wear. Simple yet stylish enough to throw on over a pair of jeans for a put-together look! Planning something more casual? Pair it with leggings and you are all ready to relax and chill.



Shades of Blue

Being the color of the sky and the ocean, it can provide a calming effect on a person. And this time of year, we’re all about spending hours outside, so blue is certainly a color we gravitate towards. Whether dark or light, blue evokes a serene feeling, indeed. It’ll also give you the overall appearance of being more dressed up than when you are just wearing even a simple blue blouse. 

This flowy top is a closet essential! Dress it up with a skirt or keep it casual with a pair of jeans.





Shades of Green

Green can be a tricky color to pull off and one should be cautious when picking out a green outfit. But when you get the right shade of green for summer, it can be an ultimate summer outfit, providing a refreshing change from the seemingly endless swathes of pink and blue which can often take over the Summer wardrobe.

This cute green top has so much to offer! The textured fabric, ruffle detail on the neckline, flare sleeve and the cinch on the lower sides are so gorgeous.





Shades of Pink

This soft shade of pink is an all-time favorite. It is a pastel hue that is most definitely perfect for all seasons. It’s neutral and goes with almost anything, yet still very feminine. This color never goes out of style that is why we adore this sweet shade!

This simple blush-colored blouse is something to get excited about! This top is a win-win in our book. It pairs easily with skirts, shorts, and jeans and is versatile enough to be worn through the seasons.





Getting white outfits is the easiest way to refresh your summer wardrobe.  it’s cool and screams comfort. White is the perfect color to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh and aesthetically clean especially these hot summer days.

We have a new favorite! Our Isla Blouse is feminine, flirty, and fabulous! The embroidery and the detail on the hem and sleeve are out of this world gorgeous! We know you will love it as much as we do!




These colors will work great with every skin tone. You can add some accessories such as jewelry or sandals with these colors. What is important is you feel comfortable no matter what you decide to wear. Summer is a wonderful time of the year. It is a perfect time for you to get in the sun and have fun. There are many things that you can do to make your wardrobe come alive for this exciting time of the year. Look your best and feel your best with a vibrant wardrobe and choose the right colors to wear in hot weather.



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