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The weather is getting a little warmer, lines for iced coffees are starting to build, and the sunglasses are out. It’s all coming together! With summer fast approaching, a wardrobe make-over is a must! Let’s reach for those summer garments and follow this year’s color scheme to stay cool and on-trend.

The biggest color trends of 2021 are taking a cue from the last tumultuous year and giving people a sense of hope, optimism, and the refresh that many are looking for.

Several fashion magazines and designers have released their 2021 color predictions, choosing bright and soothing colors that take inspiration from natural elements. It was revealed that the bright yellow hue, called “Illuminating” and Ultimate Gray is 2021 Colors of the Year, both representing harmony, solidity, and optimism.

Other 2021 color trends skew toward bright and eye-catching hues such as Fire Whirl, a bold red color, Fuchsia Fedora, a vibrant hot pink, and Mykonos Blue, a bright blue color inspired by the Aegean Sea.

There are a lot of colors that will rule the fashion industry this 2021 but below are the top 5 color predictions for this year, check out these colors and get inspiration for your next summer outfit!


 The bright yellow hue is meant to remind optimism and positivity after the challenging year. The color goes well with the second color of 2021, Ultimate Gray, which is said to represent sunshine coming out after the rain.

“Ultimate Gray”

 The second color of the year is said to represent reliability, as solidarity became critical during this pandemic. Matching with Illuminating, the hues express the message of harmony, solidity, and optimism.

“Set Sail Champagne”

 The off-white color is also associated with optimism and positivity. Earthy colors are expected to be popular because it is a sunny and calming shade.

“Fortuna Gold”

 The rich yellow gold color signifies “the chance happenings and happy coincidences found in life’s moments.”

“Tidewater Green”

 The deep teal hue is inspired by the peaceful ocean.

Whatever color is on trend this year, just keep in mind to slay every day with confidence and a beautiful heart.

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